Denice Rippentrop

Composing innovative, high-quality sacred and secular choral music is the core of my professional and personal life.  I use my writing to bring modern choral music to audiences in a highly creative yet accessible manner.  My works have been performed and broadcast in this country and abroad.


Beautiful Star was published internationally by Plymouth Music Company in 1991.  Since founding Beautiful Star Publishing, Inc. in 1992, my compositions have been receiving significant national performances by churches, high school choirs, college choirs, children’s choirs and community choruses.


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Denice Rippentrop - Songwriter

You are Love to Me


2005 – Honorable Mention – Dallas Songwriters Association

2007 – Finalist in the Film Category – Los Angeles Music Awards


All Must Be Free


2006 – Semifinalist in the Patriotic Category – Dallas Songwriters Association


Let’s Go Home, Mom



The Red Soil



Christmas Angels

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